Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Of Flying Cavemen and Fawns

I have not really introduced you to the world that I view from my back porch. I have lived here for six months now and in that time I have seen and experienced some pretty awesome sights right from my back porch. I have captured most of them with my camera and would like to share them with you. It's a wide range of subject matter, from flying cavemen to lizards. Today I am posting a story that's very special to me. The saga lasted about 26 hours.

Friday - June 8, 2007
An event occurred today that I feel very fortunate to have experienced. Early in the morning I was out on my deck when I noticed something moving in the tall grasses in the field out behind my place. It was pretty far out and I really could not make out what it was. It sort of looked like a bobcat. I watched a few more minutes but could not see it anymore. I went inside took a shower and ate breakfast. I went back outside on the porch and looked where I had seen the movement and saw it again. This time I quickly came in and grabbed my camera, set it at 200 mm so I could take some pictures to help me find out what it was. To my surprise it was a very young fawn. I watched for quite awhile, taking pictures and wondering where mama was. I came back inside thinking mama was close and the fawn would probably be gone in a little while. Later on I remembered I had heard what sounded like a single rifle shot the night prior and started to worry that it had been mama.

That afternoon I was on the porch again checking on my fawn and it was in the very same place. It would graze right next to the "bush" it had been then go behind the bush and lay down. The fawn stayed at that same bush the whole time I experienced the 24 hour event. One of the pictures I took showed the fawn laying down behind the bush and appears to be looking at me. The temperature was around 95 degrees. That was it for me. I called someone who works with the animal control here in Greenville that specializes in wildlife rescue. I told her what had transpired so far that day. She told me that real young fawns get "left" behind sometimes when the doe goes grazing and that the mama would more than likely be back for the fawn that night. She understood my concern about the rifle shot I had heard and said to call her the next morning if it was still there and to keep an eye out if anyone approaches that area. The fawn needs to be left alone. I did as she told me but I sure wanted to carry a bucket of water out there! It was a very hot day and not much shade at that bush.

Around 8:15 that night (around dusk) I was out on the deck and noticed two deer at the edge of the woods that are all the way across the field near the swamp. (see picture) I thought to myself that I sure hoped that was mama and that she would get the fawn later that night. What a special ending that would be.

The next morning I popped out of bed threw my jeans on and went out on the deck. I could not see the fawn anywhere and a big smile came to my face but I still was not sure if it was just laying behind that bush and I just could not see it. I had to be 100 % sure in case I had to call the agent. As I was walking ever so carefully in the field to an angle where I could see the back of that bush I started thinking "boy I sure hope that I don't see that fawn laying still on the ground in a very bad way". Much to my delight the fawn was not to be seen. Mama had come to the rescue just as the agent told me she probably would do. It was a very special experience for me and I took some time to reflect on how special. Not very many people have seen this saga unfold and I was even luckier by being able to capture it on my camera!

I called the agent back to tell her the happy ending of my story. She appreciated it and shared with me some other stories. As she was talking to me she was feeding a baby racoon who had incountered some tragedy. I could hear other critters in the background. She invited me over sometime to meet the other temporary members of her "zoo". I will be sure and take my camera when I do :).

The slide show below starts out with some photos of my "backyard" and then my first sighting of the fawn. The next few shots are of the fawn going around the bush eating and then taking a nap. That night I took the pic of what I hoped to be mama. The last shot is a few months later of mama and her fawn grazing together. I have seen them many times together during that time span from my back porch.