Wednesday, November 28, 2007

A Beautiful Fall Day At The Tar River

Today was an absolutely beautiful Fall day here. Hopper (my dog) and I decided to do some very long walking. I would call it a hike but being from Washington State elevation is usually an ingredient when you think of a hike, there is not much elevation in eastern North Carolina. About a ten minute drive (at the most) from my place is an area along the Tar River which consists of some nice trails. At the beginning of the main trail is a series of some small lakes one of which has a fishing dock (see pictures below). As you continue on the main trail you come across a power line section. The vegetation changes considerably on the other side of the power line. The cypress trees in this swamp area are AWESOME! Cypress trees fascinate me and I could photograph them all day long. These areas remind me of a magical place where wizards and hobbits would live. Their formations and housing accommodation's for wildlife are amazing to me. During this stretch there a few trails that branch off to various creeks and runs I have not yet explored but am anxious to follow them. There is one that for whatever reason Hopper wants to follow every time we pass it. The other trails I am sure he would love to go down but this particular one has a hold on him so that will be the next one we explore. After the swamp area is the Tar River which appears to have some very nice fishing holes along with being very nice to walk along. The trail goes quite a ways along the river and we have not yet come to the end of that trail.

The pictures in the slide show are in sequence to the hike, oops I mean walk.