Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Does Anybody Really Know What Time It Is?

I woke up this morning at 3:30 am thinking it was 4:30 am. It seems I did not “Fall Back” Sunday night. I got home from the hospital on Saturday so maybe I have a good excuse. Anyway I woke up with a bad headache and a stomach that was putting out distress calls. At first I was going to reach for the pain meds but the way my stomach felt I thought maybe the damn headache was due to the PAIN meds. After deciding to put up with the nose pain rather than making the headache/stomach problem worse I got up and decided to do something soothing on the computer. No Salvia I don’t want to cybersex with your skanky ass!

I decided to do a post on a place that is close by that I went to a couple of months ago. Goose Creek State Park is beautiful, peaceful and has those mystical noises of a place like this. It is inhabited by many creatures as I was lucky to catch one of them with my camera. I then thought about a song to accompany the post. Naturally I thought of Goose Creek Symphony which I had not heard in eons. When “researching” the web for one of their songs I ran across the album art of the one Goose Creek Symphony Album that I had back in 1970. The song I have included here is from that album and is called “Talking About Goose Creek And Other Important Places”. See if you remember this album from the album art I have included.

I still have my headache but my stomach is better so I have made progress. Soothing does work but you need a couple of options. My first option was to call someone who is so very soothing to my spirit but figured she would not be equally soothed by my 3:30 am phone call!

By the way, yesterday I had a 10 am doctor appointment to get my packing out. I was getting very annoyed when it got to be ten minutes to 11 and I had not been called yet. I went up to the receptionist desk and sarcastically asked “was my appointment at 10 am!!!!” She calmly replied “Yes it is” It was not till 3:30 am this morning that I realized I had not “Fall'n Back”